St Dominics Priory College Threat Intelligence
An organic feed of threat intelligence sourced from a South Australian school network

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Droplist High Confidence (Format: IPv4, Confidence: <=75, Ageout: last_seen+7d, Total: 769)
These addresses have been observed actively attempting to exploit our network

Droplist Low Confidence  (Format: IPv4, Confidence: >75, Ageout: last_seen+24h, Total: 0)
These IPv4 addresses have been classified as lower confidence as they are not actively exploiting, but have been observed scanning or connecting to our network without authorization

Malware High Confidence (Format: SHA256, Confidence: <=75, Ageout: last_seen+7d, Total: 2)
These SHA256 hashes have been intercepted and sandboxed, the analysis indicates the binary is malicious

Threat intelligence feeds are available via TAXII/STIX for approved parties, contact us at ti (at) for more info